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Winning the country over one Pop at a time!

gourmet popcornWelcome to the Boardwalk Popcorn Co. nestled in the seashore town of Fenwick Island, Delaware. We have been quietly producing some of the country's best popcorn. Our delicious caramel popcorn is generously coated in buttery caramel, our cheddar popcorn is drizzled with real white cheddar from America’s heartland, and our Kettle corn is our finest fresh popped corn kissed with cane sugar and dusted with salt. Our popcorn comes in a variety of sizes in plastic tubs, decorative cans, and resealable bags. Stop by and sample the best specialty popcorn in town. Our popcorn ships nationwide to private residences as well as corporate destinations. Let us handle your next order!

boardwalk popcorn hoursHOURS OF OPERATIONS

We are opened daily from Memorial day to labor day and on weekends in the shoulder season. We also produce popcorn year round for corporate functions, charities, fundraisers, and mail orders.

boardwalk popcorn2The Boardwalk Popcorn Co. is a gourmet popcorn store located on the Viking Golf boardwalk in Fenwick Island, DE just a few blocks north of Ocean City, MD.

Pick your favorites:

boardwalk popcorn hoursCARAMEL CORN

Freshly popped corn is coated with caramel to create this sweet and crunchy classic! A trip to the shore is never complete without this traditional "Boardwalk" treat.

boardwalk popcorn hoursKETTLE CORN

This sweet-and-salty variety of popcorn was popped in iron kettles during the colonial days. At The Boardwalk Popcorn Co., we pop it fresh every day. Enjoy the old fashioned kettle corn texture and flavor which coupled with our secret ingredient makes it unique to Fenwick Island.

boardwalk popcorn hoursCHEDDAR CORN

Our special cheddar cheese generously smothers our crunchy butter popcorn to bring a smile to every cheese lover.

boardwalk popcorn hoursBUTTER POPCORN

True and pure popcorn flavor! Large fluffy popcorn with a light butter taste gives every movie night an extra dimension.

Contact Info:
During Store Hours 302-539-5235
For wholesale popcorn purchasing and off season orders,
please contact Jon at 302-539-1644
See us on the Web at
We are located at 37078 Coastal Highway, Fenwick Island, DE 19944.

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